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IPC DVD Library Annual  Subscription Fee Complimentary till the validity of IPC membership Rs. 3000/-for up to 2  DVDs
Rs. 5000/-for up to 5  DVDs
(Not exceeding five in any case)
Rentals per DVD:
One Month 500/- 1500/-
Two Months 900/- 2800/-
Three Months 1300/- 4000/-

Please contact the IPC India office at +91 (0) 80 2653 2211 to rent these DVDs:

1 DVD 8C Print Reading for Electronics Assembly
2 DVD 13C Ray’s Rework Secrets
3 DVD 15C Soldering Iron Tip Care
4 DVD 16C An Employee’s Right to Know
5 DVD 17C Electrical Test for Assemblies
6 DVD 20/21C Reflow Soldering
7 DVD 24C Handling in Electronics Assembly
8 DVD 27C Introduction to Through Hole Assembly
9 DVD 32C Introduction to Electronics Assembly
10 DVD 33C Introduction to SMT
11 DVD 34C Solder Paste Printing
12 DVD 35C Solder Paste Printing Defect Analysis & Prevention
13 DVD 36C Hand Soldering with Low Residue Flux
14 DVD 39C Surface Mount Component Placement
15 DVD 41C Through Hole Rework
16 DVD 42C Hand Soldering for Through Hole Components (Tin-Lead Solder)
17 DVD 43C Lead Free Hand Soldering for Through Hole Components
18 DVD 44C Component Preparation and Manual Insertion
19 DVD 45C Lead Free Hand Soldering
20 DVD 46C Introduction to Mechanical Assembly Hardware and Tools
21 DVD 47C Wave Soldering
22 DVD 48C The Seven Sins of Surface Mount Assembly
23 DVD 49C Seven Sins of Hand Soldering
24 DVD 50C Introduction to Box Build
25 DVD 51C Adhesive Application for Surface Mount
26 DVD 53C Overview of Electronics Assembly
27 DVD 54C ESD Control with Training Certification
28 DVD 55C ESD Control for IT and Electronics Service Technicians
29 DVD 57C Stockroom Materials Storage and Distributors
30 DVD 64C Component Identification
31 DVD 66C The Seven Sins of Safety in Electronics Assembly
32 DVD 67C Lead Free Surface Mount Rework
33 DVD 68C Lead Free Surface Mount Assembly
34 DVD 69C Ray’s Lead Free Hand Soldering Secrets
35 DVD 70C Seven Sins of Lead Free Soldering
36 DVD 74C ESD Control for Electronics Assembly
37 DVD 75C Ray’s ESD Prevention Secrets
38 DVD 76C ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel
39 DVD 77C ESD Control for Material Handlers
40 DVD 78C Seven Sins of ESD Control
41 DVD 79C Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices
42 DVD 88C Bare Board Defect Recognition
43 DVD 91C Introduction to SMT Rework
44 DVD 92C Rework of Surface Mount Chip Components
45 DVD 93C Gull Wing Rework
46 DVD 94C Rework of J-Lead Components
47 DVD 95C Surface Mount Rework Stations
48 DVD 96C Ball Grid Array Rework
49 DVD 97CC Plated Through Hole Repair
50 DVD 97ABC Land and Conductor Repair
51 DVD 98C Sign Recognition
52 DVD 99C Lead Free Conversion in Electronics Assembly
53 DVD 56C Wire Harness Assembly Methods
54 DVD 58C Introduction to Wire Crimping
55 DVD 59C Wire Preparation
56 DVD 60C The Seven Sins of Wire Harness Assembly
57 DVD 61C Wire Splicing
58 DVD 62C Electronic Connector Assembly
59 DVD 65C Fiber Optics Cable Assembly
60 DVD 11C General Safety in Electronics Assembly
61 DVD 18C Soldering Terminals
62 DVD 9 Safety in PWB Manufacturing
63 DVD 10 Chemical Safety in PWB Manufacturing
64 DVD 22 Introduction to PWB Fabrication
65 DVD 23 Bareboard Handling
66 DVD 25 Multi layer Fabrication
67 DVD 26 Double sided Board Fabrication
68 DVD 28 Microsection Manual Preparation
69 DVD 29 Microsection Automatic Preparation
70 DVD 30/31 Microsection Evaluation Parts 1&2
71 DVD 38 Liquid Photo Imageable Soldermasks
72 DVD 37 Flexible Circuits Manufacturing
73 DVD 52 Printed Circuit Overview
74 DVD 71C IPC-A-610E Common Inspection Errors
75 DVD 81 Inner Layer Handling Series Part 1: Incoming Inspection
76 DVD 82 Inner Layer Handling Series Part 2 : Pre Image Cleaning.
77 DVD 83 Inner Layer Handling Series Part 3: Resist Lamination
78 DVD 84 Inner Layer Handling Series Part 4:  Imaging
79 DVD 85 Inner Layer Handling Series Part 5:  Developing
80 DVD 86 Inner Layer Handling Series Part 6 :  Etch/Strip
81 DVD 87 Inner Layer Handling Series Part 7 :  Lamination
82 DVD 89 Final Bare Board Electrical Testing
83 DVD 111C Advance Hand Soldering Techniques
84 DVD 153C Overview of Electronics Assembly
85 DVD 164C Component Colour Codes
86 DVD 165C Component Number Codes
87 DVD 166C Counterfeit Components
88 DVD 167C Coaxial Cable Assembly
89 DVD 172C FOD Prevention in Electronics Assembly
90 DVD PTH-E Through Hole Solder Joint Workmanship Standards
91 DVD SMT-E Surface Mount Solder Joint Workmanship Standards
92 DVD 142C Introduction to Hand Soldering
93 DVD PTH-F Through Hole Solder Joint Workmanship Standards
94 DVD SMT-F Surface Mount Solder Joint Workmanship Standards
95 DVD-62C Electronic Connector Assembly

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