IPC India Standards Review Committee

IPC standards are global standards with global consensus covering both buyers’ and vendors’ needs. In fact, all IPC activities are wrapped around these standards. Reference to these standards not only save companies’ revenue but also protect companies’ interest in their respective fields.

With the foresight of improvement of these standards to suit the Indian Electronics Industry better, for the first ever time in India, IPC standards review committees are formed to discuss and deliberate on reviews at periodic intervals. As all IPC CITs and CISs are instrumental in compliance and adherence to these standards and as CITs are the driving force in training more and more CISs in the coming times, these committees are formed with the following CITs as leaders and members. These standard review committees are open to all concerned and thus invite voluntary participation and involvement of all. Those who participate get more out of the standards review meet than what they actually put in and one can be assured to find it worth one’s efforts. If these reviews of the Indian committees are a success, then India’s own standards review Committee can be established in the coming times.

IPC/WHMA-A-620 Review
Leader: Mr. Jitendra Davda
Mr. T. N. Phanishayee
Mr. M. J. Darshana
Mr. P. Kannan
Mr. C. S. Nagaraj

IPC-7711/21 Review
Leader: Mr. Ankan Mitra
Mrs. K. Vasantha
Mr. T. N. Phanishayee
Mr. B. Karthikeyan
Mr. N. K. Rajesh

IPC CID Review
Leader: Mr. M. Thiyagarajan
Mrs. Savita R. Ganjigatti
Mr. Bala Bhat
Mr. Amba Prasad
Mr. Ankan Mitra

IPC-A-600 Review
Leader: Mr. M. A. Ranganath
Mr. A. Vijayendra
Mr. C. S. Bhaskar
Mr. V. Ramani
Mr. Pravin Alurkar
Mr. Santosh Gundapi
Mr. Pradeep Menon
Mr. M. P. James
Mr. Nandakumar
Mr. K. S. Babu

IPC-A-600H Standard  review committee meet on 06062014 for finalization of report

Common Review Committee for IPC-A-610 and IPC J-STD-001:
Leader: Mr. T. S. Nanjundaswamy
Mr. Dilip Rane
Mr. R. V. Sudhakar
Mr. P. Kannan
Mr. Nagaraj Upadhya
Ms. Jithashree N.
Mr. T. N. Phanishayee
Mr. A. Saravanan
Mr. B. J. Srinivas
Mr. C. S. Nagaraj

CITs participated in the meet
From Left to right: CITs participated in the meet — Mr. A. Saravanan;  Mr. Karthikeyan; Mr. P. Kannan; Ms. Jithashree. N; Mr. Sathish Kumar; Mr. Arulraj: Mr. R. V. Sudhakar — CITs; Mr.K.Sridhar Rao — GM, IPC India; Mr. T. N. Phanishayee; Mr. B. J. Srinivas — CITs; Mr. Vijayendra — MD, IPC India; Mr. David Bergman — VP, International Relations, IPC; Mr. T. Nanjundasway; Mr. Nagaraj Upadhya; Mr. Dilip Rane; Mr. M. J. Darshana & Mr. C. S. Nagaraj — CIT